Science of ART Class

I offer two main courses-Drawing/Painting and Cartoons/Caricatures. These courses are taught in a very scientific and step by step method, taking you right from the basic foundation course which is 6 months and another 6 months for advanced concepts.

I also hold workshops once or twice a month on special subject or themes.

The age group I teach is from 6 years to adults.

Options to join my class-

1. Do the default combination course of Drawing/Painting and Cartoons/Caricatures where you learn all the mediums and all the subjects in a systematic and progressive way.

2. Choose any one course-Drawing/Painting or Cartoons/Caricatures

3. Customise your course-where you select a particular subject and medium of your choice.

Class arrangement:

You can choose to be a BATCH or BE A FLOATER.

Batch option-is where you come at a fixed day and fixed time.

Floater option-is for those people who have irregular schedules. You can attend any of the batches at your convenience. But please note you can come to any of the batches only if the regular batch members are absent.

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