Gift someone a caricature/portrait for a special occasion like a birthday, wedding, anniversary etc.

Please follow the steps

Step1: Here are samples of pictures that I will need from you.


Photo requirements-

High Resolution pictures and photos shot in Natural or Studio Lighting.
Avoid-Too small pics, blurry photos, flash pictures and no selfies !
Please send close up pictures preferably in these 3 angles –front, side and ¾.
And if you need the full body, then send me a full length picture of the person for the body type.

Step 2: Select the size

Step 3: Select the medium you like.

Step 4: Select the budget in

Step 5: Select what you want

Date: When do you need the final work?

How I usually work?

I will send you the rough cut and you ask for changes. But once I reach the final stage, I will not make further changes.

Also once im done with the final, I will email you the final version in a very small size. You then have to send me full payment. Once I get the payment I will email and deliver you the hard and soft copy.