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My handle to my new Instagram page...@vivekthakkarart


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Exhibition at LilFlea


My style can be described as CHARICATURISM-a blend of CHARacters, cariCATURES and realISM. I'm having 30plus works of my Charicaturism works up for sale at the LilFlea this 13th,14th and 15th.&...

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Maharashtra Award


Happy to announce that I won another National Award, this time a Maharashtra Award in Fine Art for drawing. Won the award for this drawing done of my muse.


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Muscles and Expressions of the Face Workshop

07/23/2017 10:30am

What you will learn?

The different muscles of the face 

Understanding different expressions of the face through muscles.

Drawing faces with expressions (in a real...

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Outdoor Sketching Watercolor Workshop

05/21/2017 8:30 AM

This Sunday's workshop will be Outdoor Sketching.

I'll be guiding you step by step from start to finish to making an outdoor sketch in pencil and then inking it and using watercol...

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