• Maharashtra Award for Fine Art in Drawing (2018)
  • Finalist at the Times of India Cartoonist Hunt (2017)
  • Winner of DNA’s masterhead logo contest on world creativity day (2013)
  • Maya Kamath Award for Excellence in Cartooning by the Institute of Cartoonists (2011)
  • Finalist at the Times of India ‘A day in the Life of the India’ cartoon contest (2011)
  • Best Humourous Cartoonist Award of India by Marshalls (2004)



  • Third Prize at International Cartoon contest by Communist Party of India (Marxist) (2015)
  • Honorable mention for the first International Cartoonet Contest-Supporting Street Children (2008)
  • Honorable mention at the AACC (Asian Animation and Comics Contest) (2007)
  • Special Prize at the 2nd Umo International Cartoon contest (2006)
  • Honorable Mention-‘Excellent Prize’ at the 2nd Wine International Invitation Cartoon Contest held in China (2006)



  • Solo Charicaturism Exhibition at Mumbai ComicCon (2018)
  • Solo Charicaturism Exhibition at LilFlea (2018)
  • Fine Art Group Show at Jehangir Art Gallery (2017)
  • Fine Art Group show at Nehru Art Festival (2016)
  • Fine Art group show at Cymroza Art Gallery (2016)
  • Cartoon exhibition at St-Just-Le Martel in France (2004)
  • Cartoon exhibition at Pundole Art Gallery held during the KhalaGhoda Festival (2003)