ART is only a three letter word, but is factually so vast. There is so much to learn and explore…and that’s exactly what I did. I always had a keen interest in studying various forms of Art.

I started DOODLING my teacher’s faces, filled up my friend’s notebooks and won many art competitions  in school. Went to college, but bunked lectures only to complete CARICATURE deadlines for college magazines. Learnt, Explored and worked under ANIMATION studios. Then ventured into newspapers and magazines  as a CARTOONIST. ILLUSTRATED books and lent my creative ideas to AD AGENCIES. Did COMIC STRIPS and exhibited my works as a FINE ARTIST.

And now, sharing and TEACHING all that I have learnt in my 15 years of experience.

After studying various forms of Art, my style of Art developed over the years and can be described as CHARICATURISM-a blend of CHARacters, carICATURes and realISM. 

I’m also a national and international award winning freelance artist based in Mumbai.